Alexander Charles Listello

Painting is a Phoenix.

Born in the late 1970's I became part of the "Nintendo" generation. In no time at all I was spring loaded into a rapidly technologically changing world. Technology has changed so fast in such a small amount of time if sometimes feels like time itself should be in a straight jacket.
The date is 2016.

Google defines influence as "the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself."
 Living in the rapidly changing world of the 20th century there has been not greater influence to me then my mother and father. Sandra and Robert Listello. Their influence has help me to understand how to stay focused to reach my goals in a manic world. With their support I was able to attend "The School of the Art Institute of Chicago." There I learned how to look. Before I was just making art to make art. No rhyme or reason just because. While attending SAIC a professor opened my eyes to Paul Cezanne. For me it was like a key that unlocked a door. This awakening allowed to understand an be influenced bye painters such as: Pablo Picasso, Barnett Newman, Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Edouard Manet, William Turner, and El Greco.

Chicagoland based artist.