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Encaustic Painting

Encaustic means to to "heat or burn in". The process begins with melting a mixture of beeswax, damar resin and colored pigment.  The molten mixture is then quick transport to an absorbent surface via brush. In a short amount of time the once molten color becomes stiff and solid.  With a heat source such as a torch or a hair dryer the now solid color is reheated into a molten state. The application of heat to the surface fuses the top color to the bottom color.  The process is repeated over and over until creating satisfactory look.

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I am an artist.  I fly, I fall, I stand rooted to my past & present.  My future is who I inspire to be.  I way my art heavily on my drawings to interpret humanistic behaviors and emotions.  Life, love, anger, insanity and harmony are a few examples of thymes I use.  I fight, I struggle, I win, I loose, I conquer.  I am an Artist.




Q & A Inquires

Q.  Did you invent this type of painting?

A.  No, encaustic painting is one of the oldest forms of painting.  Way back when people beginning to sail the seas, they were building ships out of raw materials.  They needed a way to seal the hulls of their boats.  Tar, tree sap, and beeswax provided an excellent water resistant sealant.  Artisan ship builders saw these materials would hold up in the most dangerous conditions.  They would then take an earth tone pigment and mix it with the molten wax to create a water resistant paint. Artists would then paint their gods, heroes, kings & queens and shields on the sides of their boats.  Thus creating the first encaustic paintings.

Q.  If the paintings gets hot, won't it melt off the wall?

A. Only if your room get over 175º F lol.  Then I think you have more problems to worry about.
The damar resin that is mix into the encaustic paint acts as a harder. This hardener keeps the painting from slumping in warmer conditions.


Alexander Charles Listello
I believe paintings speak louder than words.